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Guangdong Hangyu composite mat
Guangdong Hangyu composite mat

Guangdong Hangyu composite material technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating mold design, product R & D, manufacturing and sales of carbon fiber and its composite products. The R & D headquarters of the company is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou. The plant is located in Yuanling Industrial Zone, Bao'an District, Shenzhen and jiates Industrial Park, Shiling Town, Guangzhou, which are economically developed and convenient.

The company has rich professional experience in the field of carbon fiber and composite materials, mainly engaged in reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic carbon fiber composite products; For various molding processes, there are supporting large-scale equipment for molding, blowing molding, hot pressing tank, rolling and RTM. Can provide customers with composite product design, development and production services.

The company's main products include all kinds of carbon fiber fabrics, prepregs, carbon fiber composite plates, pipes, special-shaped parts, etc. It can be widely used in aerospace, automotive parts, digital 3C, sports equipment, medical health, UAV, robot, industry and other fields.

Our company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, complete testing means and strict quality control of raw materials and products. We can develop and process all kinds of difficult and demanding products according to the needs of users. Aerospace composites will make greater contributions to the development of carbon fiber composites and high-tech industries in China while constantly improving its own management system and improving the quality of products and services!

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